Off-roading is prohibited in our campervans. The campervans were not built for off-roading and will NOT be able to handle it. Dirt roads that are permitted for motorized vehicles are okay but it is important to assess the road before driving it. If a 4×4 or extraction vehicle is needed, we will conclude that our campervan was taken on forbidden terrain and the renter is fully responsible for towing and repair costs.

Are there large rocks?

Our vans do not have the clearance to make it over large rocks and are not equipped for off-roading. It is very easy to high center these vehicles.

Is the road sandy?

The campervan is a heavy vehicle that will sink in the sand and get stuck. If you are on an incline or decline, the chance of flipping the van increases exponentially.

Did it recently snow?

Driving on dirt and gravel roads when it has recently snowed is more difficult than driving paved roads. Even if the roads have been plowed they will still be slick. When the snow starts to melt, the roads will become extremely muddy.

Did it recently rain?

Many roads will look like they are okay to drive after rain but this is not the case. The roads become soft and contain holes making them unstable and dangerous to drive.

Can you turn around on the road?

It is very important to be able to turn around on a road you are unsure about. A road may look okay to drive but can become dangerous very quickly. If you are unable to turn the van around and get it out, you will be responsible for the excavation of the campervan.


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