What to Bring for your Dog

Are you bringing your furry friend along on your epic campervan adventure? MILEmarker Campervans loves dogs just as much as you do which is why we have created their very own packing list!

Dog camping

Packing List

Pet Food

We recommend packing extra, especially if you plan on bringing them along for physically demanding activities like long hikes or swimming.

Food and Water Dish

To make things easy on your pet, bring them food and water dishes. If you are tight on space, there are packable dishes. This option is also great for taking with you away from the van.


On many trails, it is required that your dog is on a leash. If you are caught with your dog off-leash you may be given a ticket. We recommend bringing two leashes in case one breaks or gets lost/forgotten.

Collar and ID Tag

This speaks for itself but if your pup does wander off, it is smart to have your contact info on the ID tag. If someone finds your dog, they will be able to reach you. You can go one step further and put the name and number of the campsite you will be staying at.

Vet Paperwork

It is important that your dog is up to date on their vaccinations and that you have proof. Potentially life-threatening diseases can be found all over. Protect your pup and others by getting a complete check-up before your trip. Rangers and other campground officials have the right to request the paperwork and will fine you if your pet is not fully vaccinated.

Tick Collar

Tick collars provide protection against ticks and fleas. You will be able to find odorless and water-resistant collars.

Pet Waste Bags

We camp with a “Leave No Trace” mindset and ask that you do too. This means that you leave nothing behind while enjoying the outdoors. To decrease the odor, you can keep the waste in an air-tight container or a ziplock bag with a dryer sheet inside.

Musher’s Secret

This product protects paws, snouts, ears, and elbows from salt residue, ice build-up, snowballing, sand and sunburn, hot pavement, rough terrain, and chemicals (pesticides, lawn fertilizers, etc.).

Dog First Aid Kit

Humans aren’t the only ones who get injured while enjoying the outdoors. We recommend bringing a dog first aid kit in case anything happens.

Fur Brush

Bringing a fur brush will help you combat the mud and insects you and your dog may encounter.


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