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Grab the Wheel of Your Campervan

Our rental campervans are Mercedes Sprinter Vans outfitted for maximum convenience and comfort for your road trip. The fridge will keep your food and beverages cool the whole trip. There is no need to buy ice and worry about it melting! The vans comfortably accommodate a family of four. Whether you’re planning on grilling up some dogs in the summer or enjoying hot cocoa in the winter, our campervan will be there to enhance your outdoor experience. MILEmarker camper van rentals will be stocked with everything you will need for your trip from a sand blanket to sheets!
The peaks of mountains and a lake nestled among them with the sun glaring from just above the ridgeline

From Denver To.. Pretty Much Anywhere

Depending on the amount of days you'll be traveling, you can take a MileMarker Campervan almost anywhere!

We’ve created a quick Guide to the West for you to gather more information on all of the different places you can visit and explore with your MileMarker Campervan rental. Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico are each within a days drive, not to mention everything Colorado alone has to offer. From state and national parks to waterfalls and all the things you can do in between, your campervan road trip will be packed full with adventure.

Features You Need.. And Some You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Your campervan rental is equipped with everything you need for a stress-free van rental experience, no matter what kind of trip you’re on. From the blind spot mirrors and back-up camera to the audio system ready to play your favorite road trip tunes for everyone in the back; your campervan rental has it all. If you’re shotgun buddy is doubling as the MC for your trip, they also have the added luxury of being able to turn their seat around to face the passengers in the back! Need something extra? Let us know and we can add-on anything else you might want like a booster seat, bike rack, or even some extra phone chargers.

A black sprinter van driving on a highway through mountains

Hear From Customers Like You!

Denver is a big city, with a lot going on, so hearing about others experiences can help you plan yours and give you a better idea about what's waiting for you.

"We took Woody to Moab, Utah, and had such a blast. It ended up snowing and raining while we were there and it would have been miserable if we didn't have the van. We had four adults on our camping trip and Woody was the perfect size for us; it wasn't too cramped and fit all of our gear!"

camping set up

Lucas H.

"Our campervan broke down a few years back and we really missed the van life in the Summer. We didn't even know you could rent a campervan, but after this experience with MILEmarker, we'll probably stick to this every Summer and let them deal with the upkeep."

Harold W.

"MILEmarker customer service was awesome! Our tire popped just outside of Arches National Park and we couldn't find the tools to replace it. We called late at night and they answered, gave us clear instructions, and we were back on the road 20 minutes later."

Michelle W.


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