It can be tough finding affordable (or even free) places to pull over for the evening.  More lavish RV campgrounds are certainly comfortable and have more amenities but it can get pricey if you are planning a longer adventure.  Knowing all your options is the best way to prepare for your time on the road. We made this resource to take the stress away and make your adventure a bit easier!

RV Parks

For maximum comfort, RV parks are the go-to.  With your Mile Marker Camper Van, you won’t need an electric plug-in.  However, having access to restrooms, running water, a shower, and a site with a fire pit and picnic table can make your evening in the Rockies more comfortable.

  • Pros
    • Amenities to give you a more glamorous evening camping
    • Most are accessible with any size of RV
  • Cons
    • Can become costly if this is what you decide to do every evening
    • May not give you the privacy you’re striving for on a road trip

RV Park Resources:
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Keep some of the amenities but save some money by booking just a campground.  Your fire pit may not be right next to your side door, but accessing these sites is easier than a 4×4 road and many still have restrooms and water available.  Heading to a campground to sleep under the stars one evening on your trip may be a nice change of pace and truly give you that backcountry feel.

  • Pros
    • Still easy to access with a larger vehicle
    • Some amenities are common at most campgrounds and sites are taken care of, so you don’t worry about much once you arrive
  • Cons
    • Camp site may not be right next to where you’ll park your Mile Marker Camper Van
    • Still may cost $5 – $15 an evening, potentially more based on the time of your travels

Campground Resources:



BLM Land & Dispersed Camping

Easily our favorite way to camp but the hardest to come by – BLM land and dispersed camping.  Colorado and the western states in the U.S. have a multitude of options in this realm, it’s just a matter of being able to find them.  BLM land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, meaning it’s free to you to park for the evening.  The only thing we’ll say about this way of camping is PACK IN, PACK OUT.  This is important for any way you’ll be camping, but BLM land is not serviced and does not provide any sort of amenities.  Leave the spot as you found it.

  • Pros
    • Plenty of space to allow you to truly enjoy the peace and quiet of the Rocky Mountains away from other campers
    • Your Mile Marker Camper Van will be able to access most disperse camping sites due to the size of the vehicle
  • Cons
    • No amenities, so be sure you’re prepared with water, toiletries, propane, etc.
    • Be sure you know where you’re going because phone service may be spotty out there

Our camper vans are prohibited from going off-roading, but a more mellow dirt road will do the trick to get you to some of these spots. Be sure to do your research prior to venturing out to avoid being penalized

BLM Land Resources:

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