Visiting Family in Colorado? Check Out the Benefits of our New Ford Transit Passenger Vans

The Ford Transit began its life in 1965 as a cargo van although different versions of it came and went. Since its inception, more than 8,000,000 of these have been sold. They literally made it one of the best-selling vans of all time. There is a reason we are adding these to our fleet. It is a contemporary option that’s a capable solution for anyone needing a spacious and reliable traveling companion. 

ford transit safety

Safety First

The 2023 transit comes with Intelligent all-wheel drive to maximize traction allowing for pro maneuverability through tough terrains while keeping the driver relaxed. One of the coolest features in my opinion has got to be the Pre-Collision Assist. This feature identifies anything on the road ahead that may be on a potential collision course with your vehicle. It will warn the driver, and if no action is taken the brakes will be executed. You can’t get much safer than that! It stays functional at up to 50 mph. The cabin is comfy and well-built, with great visibility from the inside out. Excellent canopy side curtain airbags to protect your precious cargo while you’re on the road ensure you and your cargo make it safe and sound. 

ford transit luggage capacity

Capacity is Everything

The Transit does not play around when it comes to room making it one spacious van. Built-in tall windows and ceilings paired with an ergonomic driving seat give great visibility and comfort for your adventures. The front seats also manually recline and have adjustable headrests accommodating people of all heights. It also has seemingly endless load space, it offers a surprising amount of room for what is to be considered a “medium size” van. A hinged rear door makes it easier than ever to mosey and maneuver your luggage around.  

ford transit fuel savings

 Save on Fuel

This beauty comes with a rear-drivetrain installed, kicking into action only when needed thus making the Transit very fuel-efficient. The driver’s compartment has a flip-up panel that gives access to additional storage underneath the front seats if for any reason you need even more storage room. A 2.0-liter engine combines performance with low fuel consumption and emissions making it environment friendly.  

The Ford Transit knows how to take care of you and your cargo as well.  Riding better than any SUV in its class with style to boot. Many traction modes also make driving a Ford Transit a genuine pleasure. Plus, it comes brimming with all sorts of driver-assist and safety features to make you one happy camper. Other leading design features include an ergonomic driving position with great visibility and an easy-to-use dashboard. the Ford Transit Custom has established itself as the leader of the medium luxury van and is the most popular van sold. When you think about how many hours will be spent riding in a vehicle like this, an easy ride is important. The Transit is known to be fairly easy to drive with responsive steering and a tight turning radius so you can take the twisty mountain roads on it with ease. 


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