7 Tips for Getting Around in a Passenger Van Rental in Denver

snowy Union Station

I remember the time I got my first car. Took my first road trip. The sense that freedom and opportunity were endless.

As I drove through every new state and city, I felt a sense of connection to our vast country, even as I ventured into areas I had never previously visited.

Are you planning a trip to Denver and looking to experience this same passion for a new city and area? A MileMarker Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit van could be just what you’re looking for to explore the Mile High City.

Denver city and bridges

Although exploring a new area in a vehicle is exciting, it can also be intimidating, especially when you venture into a larger city.

Here are our 10 Tips for Getting Around in a Passenger Van Rental in Denver.

  1. Plan: No matter what trip you are starting, it is important to first create a plan. Here are a few of our top tips to get you started:
  • Choose a destination and route
  • Choose and book your vehicle!
  • Decide on any pit stops
  • Decide on packing necessities

When exploring Denver’s urban jungle, we suggest familiarizing yourself with routes, highways, and the layout of the city.

2. Walk Around: When getting your vehicle, you will want to  familiarize yourself with it. Open its doors, the trunk, even look under the hood to understand your vehicle before you start driving. Sprinter and Transit vans sit higher than most people are used to, so understanding its dimensions is also important. Also check to make sure you have everything else you need, including extra windshield wiper fluid, an ice scraper, and a shovel during the winter months.Open door on passenger van


3. Parking: Since you might not be used to driving as large a vehicle as a sprinter or transit van, we suggest getting a couple of test parks in. When parking in an outlet or supermarket it is recommended to either pull through or back into the parking spot to make it easier to pull forward when leaving.

If you have a friend or family member with you, have them stand outside and guide you into your spot! Driving in downtown Denver can also be trickier, as street parking or paid garage parking are the norms. Garage parking will be similar to parking in a regular lot; however, street parking will likely require you to practice your parallel parking skills!


snowy Union Station

4. Load your van: Packing your van may take a couple of tries, as you will want to make sure you can see out the back and your blind spots and ensure that you and your group are not overcrowded or smushed! Transit and Sprinter vans both prioritize comfort with extra leg room and comfortable seats, yet packing any vehicle too full could result in an uncomfortable ride.


5. Safety: Safety is our top priority and should be yours as well! Make sure you feel comfortable driving your vehicle before you start on your trip, and our team is here to answer any questions you might have. We are proud to offer roadside assistance, including towing, flat tire assistance, and locksmith services. You will receive all this information and who to contact during orientation to your vehicle!

Our vans’ Michelin Agilies Cross Climate tires are rated for snow, which is an especially important feature in the winter months, and you will be ready for any snow or ice you might encounter around Denver. Additionally, you will want to keep extra clothes, water, and a blanket in the car just in case of an emergency!


van on snowy roads

6. Weather and Road Conditions: Denver is gorgeous year-round, but with each season comes driving challenges. In winter, we can experience snowy, icy roads, and it is important to drive a vehicle with appropriate tires. The weight of the rental vans also helps keep you on the roads during hazardous weather conditions.

Spring and summer can be hot, and although our vans come equipped with air conditioning, it is still important to monitor your group’s response to hot weather conditions. Wildlife is also important to look out for on the roads, as even near Denver, deer, elk, or even bears have been known to venture onto the streets! Fall and spring weather can vary greatly on almost any given day, so you should be prepared with extra layers and water in the car, just in case.


Deer crossing country road
Watch out for wildlife!

7. Traffic: Denver is a major metropolitan city, so traffic can be heavy, especially during rush hour. Denver also has many one-way streets, which can prove more difficult to navigate for those from out of town. With this in mind, we recommend remaining aware of traffic patterns and speeds! Check routes and traffic ahead of time, so you know where you are headed and can keep your hands free. It is always best to have a travel partner, so they can guide you while you focus on the road!

little boy reading map
Have a navigation buddy!

Ready to come visit and explore one of America’s favorite cities? Denver has plenty of options for sight seeing and dining, and visitors can experience the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountain region, visit museums and gardens, and even catch a game at one of the many sports teams that Denver hosts. Go Bronco’s! Check out our recommendations for Denver day adventures and the best whitewater rafting near Denver.

Flags at Larimer square

Our MileMarker Vans are perfect to get you and your family around in the city! Book one of our vans today to get your trip started!

Written by Jesse Cruz, MMVR Sales Team Member

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist 

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