What to Do in Mesa Verde National Park

In Montezuma County, Colorado, you can find Mesa Verde National Park. This park was created in 1906 to conserve the Ancestors of Pueblo’s culture. Mesa Verde has over 600 cliff dwellings you can visit. The Ancestral people of Pueblo lived where the park resides for over 700 years!

Hiking, Museums & More in Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde

Balcony House, Cliff Palace, or Long House

Cliff Palace and Long House are some of the largest dwellings in the park with 150 rooms. The Balcony House is another cliff dwelling that is known for its size, consisting of 38 rooms. To go into the dwellings, you must book a guided tour through the park.

Chapin Mesa Museum

Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum

The Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum gives visitors a better look into the Ancestral Puebloan’s lives and will answer many of the questions that come up while in the park. In the museum, you will find ancient artifacts, dioramas, and chronologies of the Puebloan’s who built the cliff dwellings.

Petroglyph Cliffs

Petroglyph Point Trail

Petroglyph Point Trail is a 2.4-mile loop trail that is known for its beautiful wildflowers. The best time to hike the trail is March through November. You will find the petroglyphs near the most southern part of the trail. There are a lot of stairs on the trail and it can be difficult in some areas.

Mesa Top Loop Road

Mesa Top Loop Road

On the loop, you will see cliff dwellings and other remains from the Ancestral Puebloans. Off the 6 mile loop are paved roads that will take you to 12 different archeological sites. The road is open from 8 am to sunset. Learn more about the 12 archeological sites.

Mesa Verde park sign

Campfire at Morefield Amphitheater

In the evening the rangers put on a free campfire presentation about the park. You can find the amphitheater at the end of the road in the Morefield Campground. Presentations can last from 45 minutes to an hour.

Farming Terrace Trail

Farming Terraces Trail

This short trail is only a .5-mile loop but has a lot to offer. On the trail, you will find check dams that helped the Ancestral Puebloans farm and an array of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for lizards and hummingbirds!

Park Point Fire Lookout

Park Point Fire Lookout

This lookout is a great spot for sunsets after a day of exploring the park. The lookout was first built to aid in the early detection of wildfires and is the highest point in the park sitting at 8,572 feet. Today, it is still used for early fire detection and has become a popular stop for people visiting the park.



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