What to Do in Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park which consists of 257,640 acres was declared in 1964. Within the park, you will find a wide variety of canyons, mesas, and buttes. The Colorado River and Green River flow through the park as well. The Canyonlands have gained popularity because of all the recreational activities you can participate in. There is hiking, mountain biking, dirt biking, backpacking, climbing, and even four-wheeling!

Hikes, Off-Roading, & More in Canyonlands National Park

Grand View Point

Grand View Point

Grand View Point is in the Island of the Sky section of the park. The viewpoint is at 6,080 feet elevation and has wonderful views of the White Rim Road. There is a paved path that is wheelchair accessible. Occasionally, you will find a ranger giving a presentation on the geology of the landscape.

Mesa Arch Utah

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch Trail is appropriate for all levels of hikers making this hike a popular spot for families. Mesa Arch is considered a pothole arch. A pothole arch is when a depression forms on the top of a rock mass combines with an alcove on a rock face.

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook

If you are looking for great views with no hike, Green River Overlook is a great spot for you. The walk to the overlook from the parking lot is .2 miles. This is a good spot for watching the sunrise or sunset. The best time to visit Green River Overlook is from March to November.

White Rim Road

White Rim Overlook and Road

To reach the White Rim Overlook, you will have to complete an easy 1.8 mile hike. This hike is appropriate for all skill levels. 4 wheel drive, high clearance vehicles are required on this road. You will need a permit whether you are doing a day trip or overnight trip on the White Rim Road.

Upheaval Dome

Upheaval Dome

The Upheaval Dome is quite the mystery. There are multiple theories on how it was formed. One theory is, the Salt Dome theory, which is the salt from a landlocked sea moved through the rock because of its density leaving the rock deformed. Another theory is that 60 million years ago, a meteor hit the earth. The impact it made is known today as the Upheaval Dome.

Aztec Butte

Aztec Butte

The Aztec Butte hike features views of geological features, grasslands and granaries. A granary is the ancient version of a storage shed. The hike is a short 1.7 miles and is good for everyone in your group!

Canyonlands Overlook

Buck Canyon Overlook

The Buck Canyon Overlook has wild views of the Canyonlands with no effort involved. The walk to the overlook is .1 miles with zero elevation gain and has 180 degree views of wonderous canyons!



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