Here’s Our Favorite Weekend Escapes for Denver in July

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There are a couple of different things that cross your mind when traveling to Denver! Today I am gonna give you a couple of ideas of activities you can do while traveling to Denver this summer!

lion at the Denver zoo

One of the best things to do in Denver is going to be the Denver Zoo! The Denver zoo is a very natural-focused attraction in Denver, Colorado. It is also viewed by many as one of the best zoos in the country. One of its memorable attractions is Bear mountain, this amazing area shows us, what exactly bear habitats look like in the wild! It is also very unique because the rocks that were used to make this attraction were taken from various locations throughout Colorado! Also, a super popular attraction is Predator Ridge, where animals such as hyenas and lions roam free! Meanwhile, Primate Panorama is a great place to put monkeys swinging from tree branch to tree branch! I would recommend trying to go to the Denver Zoo at feeding times for the best experience! This is a great day trip for the family or even a friend getaway!

shark at the denver aquarium

Another great idea is the Denver Aquarium, for anyone aquatic animals should ensure that a visit to Downtown Aquarium is on their list of Denver Colorado things to do. It is home to millions of gallons of water and thousands of animals, including impressive creatures such as sharks and even Sumatran tigers, which are endangered and, contrary to the reputation that feline animals have and enjoy swimming in. You can also get into the water yourself through the swim with the fish program and dive with the sharks! One of the focuses of this aquarium is on the path that the water takes along the Colorado River towards the Pacific Ocean that this normally does not reach ocean water as it usually dries up just prior to reaching the gulf of California. Another focus is on Indonesia’s Kampar River, which empties into the strait of Malacca, which is connected with the Indian and Pacific oceans!  

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If you love Nature and Science, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is what you should spend time visiting! This is a great resource for those who want to learn more about the natural history of the Centennial state, the world, and the universe! One of the best ways to latter is to take a visit to its 135- seat gates planetarium! Its exhibits include dinosaur bones dating hundreds of millions of years and Egyptian mummies that are thousands of years old. It also has a wildlife exhibit that provides information on animals that are based throughout the world. Overall, it touches upon anthropology and geology. Health sciences, space, sciences, paleontology, and zoology!  

These are some great options of things to do in Denver in July! I hope this helped with your itinerary and plans, these are great options!  

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